Friday, May 21, 2004

No Reading Allowed 

A columnist from my hometown wrote (pointer via commons-blog) on Wednesday about an incident that occurred earlier in the week when he attempted to attend a public discussion with Governor Romney about education policy. On his way in he passed several groups passing out flyers, many of which were in opposition to Romney's policies.

As Joe Bradley approached the metal detectors, he was directed to turn over the papers. Sure enough, posted on the sign was notice that the following items were prohibited: Coats, bags, weapons, signage literature. He asked why, and was told it was the policy of the governor's office. He asked for a written copy of the policy, but was not given one. When a local cop was called over, whom Bradley knew, Bradley decided to leave rather than give up the papers or cause a problem for his acquaintance.

As he left the building, he informed the folks that their papers were being confiscated, and that he might be writing a column about it. In short order the governor's deputy press secretary was on hand, asking him to return to the event and to feel free to hold on to the flyers. Bradley asked about the policy, and was again told that it is official policy, and is not available in written form. Bradley left and wrote this interesting column. On his way home he came to this conclusion:

"As I drove home I couldn't help but think that the governor doesn't believe the people can be trusted with literature from opposition groups at his town meetings, but it's really the people who perhaps shouldn't be trusting the governor on his education policies. I realized I finally understood Gov. Romney's education policy: literature not allowed."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:23 PM