Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Protester Sans Preparation 

I drove out to Ashland to visit my parents yesterday evening. My 82-year-old, inexplicably Republican mother (I'm convinced it's because her father was Republican. In truth, she thinks "all politicians are crooks.") commented, "Did you hear about the idiot protesting in front of town hall today?" I'm guessing this particular individual was quite disappointed that not one couple came along to apply for a marriage license, so there was no one to berate and threaten with eternal damnation. Not that there are no gay couples living in Ashland, or that none of them applied for licenses yesterday. It's just that Town Hall is closed for renovations. Directions to the temporary town hall are readily available on the town's website, and I'm guessing there's some sort of notice posted at Town Hall. All ruffled up and no one to receive the rant. Must have been quite disappointing.

On the other hand, I was pleased to hear on WBUR this morning that a lesbian couple in my town of residence yesterday braved our facing the clerk in our little town hall north of Boston. They weren't sure what kind of atmosphere they'd be walking into, but were greeted with flowers and a very helpful staff who assisted them with their application.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:18 AM