Friday, May 07, 2004

Romney Threatens Veto 

Even though Governor Romney has previously stated that he was only fighting so hard to uphold the outdated and generally ignored (until now) 1913 marriage law because he can't pick and choose which laws to uphold, it would seem that he has no such qualms about picking and choosing which laws to fight for or against. He's been doing everything he can think of to prevent or hinder issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples, which will be the law as of May 17, and now he has stated that he will veto any legislation which would repeal that 1913 law.

In his earlier statements about out of state couples, he claimed he was only concerned for the couple's long term legal standing, and the security of the children, should their marriage be invalidated because of the 1913 law. So why then would he insist on that law remaining if the legislature should see fit to repeal it?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:58 AM