Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Star Trek: Enterprise - Countdown 

Okay, I feel silly. Last week's episode wasn't the season finale after all. Good thing, too, because as Countdown wrapped up I was thinking, "That's it? That sucks!" It was rather anti-climactic, nothing was wrapped up, etc. Then they showed previews for THIS week's season finale. "Oh. Okay then."

Thoughts on Countdown:

-Why doesn't Hoshi even try to get one good hit in when the reptilians are forcing her into the torture seat or later on? She didn't even try fighting before deciding her only option was to hurl herself over the rail and into the void. She's a Starfleet officer. She's had combat training. She's competant, dammit! But all she does is twist back and forth while making high pitched grunts of outrage. I think it's great they had her use her brain and pretend to be decoding while actually adding a layer of encryption, but she should be able to use some brawn as well when necessary.

-I enjoyed the little dinnertime chat. "You may buy me a drink if you wish."

-I hope T'Pol formalizes her service to Starfleet by the start of next season. She looks better in a Starfleet uniform than in that bizarre fuzzy line of jumpsuits she's got.

-Whoops! Stephen Culp just cut his number of simultaneous shows down to two. That sucks, because I like him as an actor. He's natural and relaxed, and just disappears into whatever role he's taking on. Maybe he wasn't plodding and pedantic enough (phrasing by The Guyfriend), and made the other actors feel inadequate.

-After Enterprise I watched last week's season finale (yes, it was really the season finale) of JAG, one of Culp's other shows (along with ER). Whoops! Killed off Agent Webb, too. Guess he's just on ER now. Well, that season finale has already passed, so at least he's got one live character going into next season.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:42 AM