Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tru Calling - Season 2 

Who would have thought that this show could get its act together in time to last an entire season, let alone get renewed? But Sci-Fi Wire reports that Fox has indeed renewed Eliza and company for a second season. And yet they ditched Wonderfalls when it was barely out of the gate and already rockin'...

The Girl will be quite disturbed to hear this news. She never could figure out why I kept watching it while at the same time complaining about how bad it was. And then she simply didn't believe me when I said it was getting better. But they really did improve over time. The plot holes got smaller (but didn't disappear), the actors relaxed (plus they put Davis in a Lillith Fair t-shirt), and the storylines weren't predictable within the first five minutes.

I'll be watching in the fall, and hoping (hoping, hoping) that the improvement continues.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:15 AM