Thursday, June 17, 2004

Anti-FMA Website 

The Campaign to Protect the Constitution has launched a website dedicated to preventing the Federal Marriage Amendment from coming to pass. They provide information on the reasons behind their campaign, an extensive listing of organizations taking part, and ways you can help. It's well designed, intelligent, and non-inflammatory.

This approach is a nice change to some of the pro-FMA websites, such as and

These sites tend to use scare tactics, big splashy headlines (often in red), and provide limited actual information, or partial/outdated/disproved information. Some have more intelligent designs, such as However, the information the AFM provides is helpful for anyone with a family (such as info on family-friendly workplaces, information on adoption, and the adverse effects on children of broken homes), but they fail to indicate why heterosexual families are "better" than same sex families. Gay couples with children also deal with workplace issues, taxes, adoption, and relationship stress.

Some of the sites are both well-designed AND inflammatory, such as, which provides a page of "debate-tested sound bites [sic] on defending marriage."

I'd rather stick to facts and intelligent discussion. The pro-FMA side, no matter how dressed up and polished, always falls back on groundless scare tactics.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:03 AM