Monday, June 28, 2004

Bad Slayer, No TV! 

Actually, it's more like busy, busy Slayer, no TV.

The Girl and I now have FOUR tv sets in the house, and at this moment nary a one is actually connected to the cable. Even the Tivo is sitting alone, powerless and unwired.

Yesterday was spent in a massive furnishings overhaul, with inherited items coming in from The Girl's mom's house, and replaced items moving on to their next life with my nephews. One of the incoming items was an enormous tv, and the equally enormous entertainment center in which it lives. So the living room tv went to the bedroom, and the bedroom tv went to the guest room (previusly media-less). The fourth tv remained in its place in the basement drumming studio, but it's never been hooked up to the cable, as it is solely used for viewing drumming videos and DVDs.

Of course, when you replace an entertainment center, all the electronics must be detached and removed. Given that we didn't finish the moving, returning of the U-Haul trailer (and U-Haul was an epic adventure on its own, complete with periods in which I was alternating between swearing like a misanthropic teenager and crying like someone in need of a truck and who'd been put on hold and given the phone runaround for two hours - which I was), eating and returning home until 11:30 pm, no reconnecting of electronics items occurred last night. We did apply the first round of Febreze onto the fabric items (couch, rug, etc.), as The Girl's mom was unfortunately an avid smoker.

The Boys (my nephews - both of whom exceed 6 feet tall, thus dwarfing my 5'3" frame) turned down the dining room set we were replacing, but instead accepted the butcherblock table, which was originally an MIT lab table top, then a kitchen table for some time and most recently my desk. It sits atop two adjustable trestle legs, and they found this to be a more acceptable and manly piece of furniture. Geez - when I was 22 years old the only criteria were cost and odor. If it was free and didn't smell bad, it was perfect.

So we put the rejected set out on the curb with a FREE sign on it, and I alerted our rather trashy next door neighbor that it was there, in case she knew anyone who could use it. Within 5 minutes she had another neighbor over, checking it out. It met her approval and the next few minutes were a parade of people hauling it over to their house. The trashy neighbor's trashy friend's trashy husband came to get the table itself, so I was showing him how the leaves extend for the main tabletop to drop down in between them. He started to pick it up but the top piece started to come off, then I pointed out that he could take the top off entirely for easy transport, but he started lining up the pegs to return it to the table, and said, "No, I'll leave it on. I just need to find the hole. Ha - that's the story of my life!"

Yes, he really said this to me. And we hadn't even been introduced. We're not even "Hey" neighbors. The Girl and I are really looking forward to the day we can buy a house and leave the rental neighborhood.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:20 PM