Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Clear Vision 

A couple of months ago I posted about not having had an eye exam in some time, and how The Girl was hoping I'd need reading glasses so she wouldn't be alone in that facet of the aging process. I assured her I did not.

Well, I had a full eye exam this morning, and as predicted, everything is A-Okay. I got a renewed prescription for the exact same strength contact lenses as before, and the doctor said I could get slightly stronger lenses for my glasses if I felt like getting new ones anyway, but that it certainly wasn't necessary. My exam included the pupil dilation for a retinal exam, since I have a high level of myopia and am thus at risk for retinal problems, but none have appeared yet.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the side effects of dilation until I walked out of the office building into the literally blinding sunlight. I scurried back inside faster than Spike at high noon. I put on a pair of contacts they had given me, then my sunglasses, and braved my way back to my office. Now I'm sitting in my darkened office with the blinds closed. Much better. I think this will have worn off by the time I go home later on. I'll be staying inside at lunchtime.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:05 PM