Friday, June 25, 2004

Hell in a Handbag (But No Backpacks) 

"Let's Work Around It" my ass. Let's do everything to prevent you from working around it is more like it. today has the latest twist in the DNC security measures. Now that they're shutting down the roads and North Station, thus forcing north of Boston commuters to take the Orange Line or buses, and requesting that riders on any branch of the T try not to bring bags of any sort during the convention days, they've now announced that there will be mandatory bag restrictions on the Orange Line and those buses that go near the Fleet Center. For the lines with these "special restrictions," NO BAG will be allowed that is larger than a briefcase or handbag, and ALL BAGS will be searched. Passengers on lines without the special restrictions will be subject to random searches.

The special restrictions will apply to the Orange Line between Haymarket and Community College stations, to bus routes 325, 326, 352 and 354, and to the shuttle buses taking Lowell commuter line riders from the transfer point in Woburn into Boston on I-93. The measures will affect 160,000 Orange Line riders, 1,340 riders on the four bus routes that use I-93, and 6,400 passengers on the Lowell commuter line.

Included in the passengers the T is "discouraging" from bringing large bags are those heading to or from the airport on the Blue Line. That's convenient. I guess if you're traveling with luggage you should take a cab from the airport. But then there are those road closures to deal with, which is why they're encouraging people to take the T.

The random searches will begin on a smaller scale next week, just so we can all get used to the routine.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:06 AM