Thursday, June 24, 2004

Low Impact DNC - Like Blizzard of '78 

Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino yesterday tried to perk up Boston area residents and workers who are feeling a bit down about the impact of the Democratic National Convention. In a televised event, he announced a DNC hotline and website where people can get up to date information. I see from some of the documents on the website that they've come up with the fabulously inspiring slogan, "Let's Work Around It." I suppose that's better than, "Quit Whining and Suck It Up," but not by much.

In his efforts to rally the troops, the mayor brought out two area business leaders, Massachusetts General Hospital's Bonnie Michelman, and Gillette's Eric Klaus, both of whom compared dealing with the convention to dealing with a snowstorm. Gillette's been making razorblades for 100 years without missing a day, and they won't miss a day in what they're considering the equivalent of a "four-day snowstorm." MGH deals with large volume crowds and traffic issues all the time, such as during the annual July 4th celebrations, and Michelman pointed out that people are still talking about how they dealt with the Blizzard of '78.

This is supposed to be reassuring? Most schools and businesses were closed for a week, power was out for days, thousands of cars were abandoned on the highways, only emergency personnel were allowed on the roads, 99 people died and damages totalled over $2.3 billion.

But you know what? We'll work around it. From home. Or the beach.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:31 AM