Friday, June 25, 2004

Oklahoma Judge Under Investigation 

Sapulpa County District Judge Donald D. Thompson is being investigated by the state's Attorney General, who is seeking to have him removed from office. According to

Thompson has a reputation for being a tough law and order judge, strong on family morals. He once tried to send a man to prison for life for spitting on a police officer. Prior to becoming a judge Thompson served six years in the state House of Representatives starting in 1975.

So where's the beef? Under the bench, apparently. Judge Thompson has allegedly been utilizing a penis pump to his own satisfaction during trials, and the activity has been spotted by court personnel, witnesses and perhaps juries. He admits having the pump under his bench but denies using it, and claims it was simply a gag gift from a friend. And it would be acceptable even to store this gift under the bench why?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:13 AM