Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Random But Maybe Not Fleeting 

We're settling back into life without the pressures of law school or the stress of day to day monitoring of The Girl's mom's health. We both made it to the gym yesterday, and made a healthy dinner which we ate together at the dining room table. So civilized! Of course, I do still have random thoughts popping up and causing me to ponder various aspects of life, such as:

-Waiting seven weeks between the last exam and the expected release of grades really sucks.

-The suckiness of this waiting is compounded by the fact that the first tuition payment for 2004-2005, for those of us spreading the pain over 10 months, is due on June 15 - two weeks before the expected release of grades for 2003-2004.

-Will I never get new contact lenses? My prescription has expired. In fact, it's WAY expired. I didn't realize it had been nearly 3 years since an eye exam. So I called for an appointment back in the first week of May. The appointment keeper told me I could come in "Tuesday at 1:30." So I go in the following "Tuesday" at 1:30, in spite of the fact that I was home with bronchitis. After dragging my hacking, codeine-hazed self in, I'm told by the receptionist that my appointment is for "Tuesday, June 8." She then scolded me for waiting so long before calling for an exam. Fine. I resign myself to a pennance of eyeglasses for my neglect.

Today my wait was to be over!!!! However, upon arrival to work, I get a call informing me that because the doctor had a family emergency, they must reschedule my appointment. The first available opening is July 14. This didn't go over so well with me. After I vocalized my distress over having to wait another 5 weeks through no fault of my own, the woman on the phone got all snippy and said that the only thing she could do would be to give me a time set aside for new patients, on June 29. "Is that what you want me to do?" she asked in a tone that I inferred to mean that expecting her to do so was entirely unreasonable. I of course said that yes, I would take that time. Waiting another 3 weeks isn't great either, but it beats waiting five.

-I miss seeing new episodes of The L Word. But The Girl and I saved all the first season episodes on Tivo, and have been rewatching them. It's interesting to watch the early storylines while knowing what is to come for the characters. Plus we're picking up things we missed the first time around.

-It would be great if the school would make the syllabi for next semester available earlier than 2 weeks before classes. I'd like to spread out the book purchases over the summer. But such is not the way...

-Will the opponents of now legal marriage for same sex couples ever come up with a new argument to present in court? How many times must they be told that the arguments they continually repackage and renew cannot prevail simply because they have been repackaged and renewed?

-Will I be one of the lucky winners of the soon to be commenced random searches of T passengers? Will the still being developed system be able to pass constitutional scrutiny in time for the arrival of the Democratic National Convention at the Fleet Center? And now that Fleet has been absorbed by Bank of America, will the former Boston Garden soon be the former Fleet Center?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:29 AM