Wednesday, June 23, 2004

True Start of Summer 

The tortured wait is over - grades have arrived. Now we can all stop worrying about them and get on with enjoying the summer. My gut feelings upon leaving each exam were fairly accurate predictors on the grades. I felt good about Criminal Law, but that was the one I was least confident about, and that turned out to be my lowest grade. Civil Procedure and Legal Research & Writing fell in the middle of both my confidence levels and my grades, while I left the 4 hour Contracts exam feeling really good, and that ended up being my best grade. I'm glad to know I was able to keep an accurate internal gauge of how I was doing.

Among the classmates I've heard from, directly or indirectly, it appears that Criminal Law was the kicker for many of us.

So 1L is officially completed. Let the summer games begin!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:44 AM