Tuesday, June 29, 2004

U-Haul Sucks, Seconded! 

I posted yesterday a reference to my excruciatingly bad experience with U-Haul this past weekend. In my current blog surfing, I discovered that another Boston area blogger had a similarly agonizing U-Haul trial this weekend. Her details are freakishly akin to my own, although after I managed to track down an available trailer (no truck was available anywhere in New England, apparently), my ordeal continued in person at the U-Haul center, where I was actually put on hold in person!

Then, once the U-Haul guy handed me my paperwork and visually indicated that I was all set (he was still on the phone handling some other, more important customer's call - I got put on hold every time I called but this was the third call he handled while making me wait), he stared at me like, "What's your problem? Get out of here!" I pointed out that "I need my stuff?" he mumbled "Oh yeah," which made the couple behind us in line who were freaking out because their actual cost was going to be $200 more than was quoted to them online, which the counter guy tried to explain in an incredibly ineffectual way, crack up in disbelief. He then walked us back to the garage area, pointed to a pile of furniture blankets and indicated that we should dig up the 12 we had paid for, pointed out an appliance dolly (I had paid for a furniture dolly), then started to walk away. Thinking there might be one more important thing, I asked where I might locate the trailer I had just rented. "It's outside. Let me know if you need help." He then went back to the front room. There were many, many trailers outside.

Fuck it - we took more blankets than we had paid for, hooked up the nearest trailer without worrying about the light hookups which we didn't have, and left.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:57 PM