Thursday, July 29, 2004

Barney Frank Rocks My World 

He gets his own posting. 

Rep. Barney Frank (MA) comes on stage.  Yay!  All the Stonewall Democrats are waving their premade signs.  And he looks marvelous!  I wouldn’t have thought to combine the diagonal striped tie with the pinstripe suit, but it works.  Oh shit – he’s actually going to talk about marriage!  Yay!!!!!!!  He’s working from written comments, so I’m guessing that this kick-ass speech was not officially approved by the people doing the screening.  His voice is cracking, he’s on the edge of tears, and I’ve moved right past that edge.  He’s wrapping up now, and getting lots of audience love.  I have to rewind and replay. 

The part that really got the crowd (and me) going was this: 

"I’m gonna come clean.  You hear them talk about the gay agenda, and I’m going to be honest with you now: the fact is, we who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, we do have an agenda, and here it is.
-We think we should be able to fight for our country like John Kerry, and serve in the military.
-We believe, revolutionary as it may sound to Rick Santorum and Tom DeLay and Jerry Falwell, we believe people ought to be able to be hired for a job and be judged solely on how well they do the work, and not on what somebody else thinks about who they are.
-We go so far as to believe that a 15 year old who is different in a lot of ways sexually from others ought to be able to go to high school without getting beaten up. I admit it, we believe that.
-And we even believe, it’s true, that when two people are in love and are willing to be morally and legally committed to each other and financially responsible to each other, that if they are prepared to get married, it’s a good thing for the stability of society.  We believe that."
  (This is where his voice began breaking.)
He later said that although we don’t know why we are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, we just are, we do know why we are Democrats:  
"Because it is the Democratic party, as opposed to our very right wing Republican opponents, who support that agenda of allowing us to fight, of allowing us to marry, of allowing us to go forward as human beings with the rights of everyone else, and it is the Republican Party that opposes us…  When Ralph Nader tells us that there is no significant difference between the parties, he trivializes our lives.  Among the differences between the parties of overpowering significance are the differences that exist on the right of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered to be treated fairly, with the same rights as every other American."

This is just the best.  I'm so happy.
UPDATE:  Full text and video here

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:47 PM