Thursday, July 01, 2004

Boston Pretty 

I've now had a chance to try out the new Green Line/Orange Line interchange at North Station. It's awesome! The design is beautiful, and makes the whole station look very sleek and modern. Plus it's nice to hear to little "ding, ding" of the Green Line alongside the electronic tones and shrill warning bell of the Orange Line. I'm hoping the rest of the stations will be brought up to the design level of this one.

Too bad none of the people coming to town for the convention will get to see it, since no trains will be stopping there during those days.

But they will get to see a pretty, pretty city. I think it's great that needed repairs and cleanups are being done. What's funny is that some city agencies and departments are up front about the effort being toward having the city make a good impression when it's under the spotlight at the end of the month, while other departments are clinging to the assertion that it's a coincidence that the timing matches that of the DNC. Oh please. The city would be remiss if it didn't take steps to make the best impression possible during a focus time like this. Take credit for it! Maybe the new slogan should be, "Boston - We Clean Up (Wicked) Good!"

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:25 AM