Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DNC and Academy Awards 

Ways the DNC and Academy Awards ceremony are similar events:

-Events are scheduled and produced for the tv audience.
-Many speakers do so in an effort to solidify their reputation and expand their future opportunities.
-Speakers are urged not to be blatantly critical of the present administration (by name, anyway).
-High security levels.
-The audience gets lots of airtime.
-Previous winners are always given mic time.
-Most of the current year's contenders are given mic time.
-Music to accompany the speaker walk-ons and walk-offs. 
-Fashion watch.  Elegant couture to crazy hats.
-The biggest audience draws are saved until the very end, when much of the at-home viewing  audience has fallen asleep.
-Most people pay attention to the event in some way, at least by checking the news the next day.
-Many people watch some but not nearly all of the coverage.
-Some people watch all of the prime time coverage.
-A few hard core viewers watch the whole thing, start to end, including the pre- and post-event events, and then discuss and analyze it endlessly with other like-minded individuals. 
-Breakfast parties, lunch parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties, and just plain party parties.
-Gift bags.
-It always goes long.
-You can't get inside without an invitation.
-Political protests are kept outside.  Preferably out of sight. 
-Glenn Close, Michael Moore.
-Expansive use of the phrases, "Thank you" and "God bless." 
-I want to attend at least one before I die.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:16 AM