Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DNC - Day Two 

I drove in this morning.  No problems for me, but I tend to stick to the back roads anyway.  Drives The Girl crazy, but she's glad to have my knowledge handy when she runs into traffic jams and needs an alternate route. 

I traversed an I-93 overpass quite early, however, and got a look at a nasty looking backup.  I was just a bit south of the I-93 / I-95 interchange, and 93 South looked like a full up parking lot.  Yikes.  Hopefully that wasn't the case all the way into town. 

The Girl says 128 traffic was lighter than usual.  Smooth sailing.  It was light last night also.

The Guyfriend took the T again (commuter rail, Orange Line, bus) and said that the volume was quite light and there was plenty of room to spread out.  On the Orange Line they announced that the train would be boarded by State Police at Community College and all bags would be checked at that time, but the boarding and searching never happened.  Every type of uniformed security officer (Boston Police, State Police, military personnel, Transit Police, etc.) was on hand at the stations, standing around chatting with each other.

I just took a look onto the DNC site, checking for video clips of the speeches.  They have an easy to find Video page which lists all the speakers by day, and you can click on each name to go to the related video page.  What you get, however, is a transcript of the speech - no video.  Oh well, transcripts are good also, but I'd like the video too.
UPDATE (7/28): Okay, they've updated the video pages, and now the individual speaker pages include both transcript and video links. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:03 AM