Tuesday, July 20, 2004

DNC Security Preview? 

A co-worker and I just walked out of a sandwich shop in Newton Corner (small BLT on white sub roll, with mayo and pickles, thank you very much), only to be met with a thundering cacophony from above, not-so-on-high.  We performed a synchronized duck down while looking up move, just in time to see three Coast Guard helicopters cruising westbound above Washington Street (parallels the Mass. Pike), just barely above the level of most of the buildings that line the street.  I think they may even have been below the top level of the large office building and hotel on one side. 
We're guessing that it was part of some preconvention training maneuvers.  If this continues, the week and a half ahead should be quite interesting.  The greater Boston area may turn into one big field training venue.  This morning there were some ropes dangling by one of the 7th floor office windows.  I assumed it was the window washers that periodically pop up and scare the shit out of office occupants, but perhaps it was some sort of rappelling maneuver in preparation of possible hostage response action. 

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:28 PM