Friday, July 30, 2004

DNC Thursday: Lieberman through Cleland 

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Sen. Joseph Lieberman (CT) – The band played “Coming To America” from The Jazz Singer remake (with Neil Diamond). I wonder how Sen. Lieberman feels about that? The main character in that movie struggles between his faith and his ambition, and for a time turns his back on both his religion and his family. I really enjoyed this movie, by the way. I also had the album (yes, vinyl).

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA), House Democratic Leader – Oh look – they’ve given the delegates “We Can Do It” signs with Rosie the Riveter. I have that mug and lunchbox! Rep. Pelosi emphasizes the importance of letting the public know who the Democratic Party is, what we stand for, how we plan to achieve our goals, and how those goals will benefit the country. She then explained a number of specific differences in the philosophies of the two parties. She vaguely referenced the FMA battle, mentioning that Democrats are against ALL forms of discrimination, and that the Democrats don’t use the politics of fear to divide and distract the country.

Willie Nelson – This is not a catchy tune. I challenge anyone out there to start whistling it. They were running the lyrics along on one of the display screens, like the delegates could just start singing along. It’s just not that kind of song.

Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State – Lots of statements about how John Kerry will conduct foreign policy, and how he will not. Coincidentally, the ways he will not are the ways the Bush administration currently does. As other naturalized citizen speakers, she discusses her arrival in the country at the age of 11. I’m guessing that party officials are hoping to stress how we are a country of immigrants, with some just more newly arrived, and hoping to discourage the periodic immigrant bashing trends that unfortunately arise. Good, solid speech. Standing ovation.

Alfre Woodward, Actress – Introduced a series of widely diverse groups of Americans: teachers, farmers, working mothers, college students, young Hispanic voters, firefighters, seniors, religious leaders [oh look – there’s Barack Obama shaking Joe Kennedy’s hand! Hi Barack! Hi Joe!], healthcare workers, veterans, and teamsters. She was great in Star Trek: First Contact. "It's my first ray gun."

Carole King – You’ve Got a Friend. Of course I love this song. She looks great! Love the outfit. She invites the delegates to join in on the last chorus, and the arena melts into a display of hugging, swaying, huggy bears singing along. But it works for me, because I’m such a sap.

Heinz and Kerry kids. Devoted, loving, heartfelt public speakers.

John Kerry Biographical Film – The film to introduce Kerry to the American public. The Kerry version of Clinton’s “The Man From Hope.” Narrated by Ossie Davis, I think. Did you know he played guitar in a high school band called “The Electras,” and they even made themselves a record? Well-made film, covers all the questions.

Max Cleland, Former United States Senator (GA) – Was that Rob Reiner sitting next to Hillary Clinton? Sen. Cleland gave a warm speech, reinforcing all that had been said throughout the night.

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