Thursday, July 29, 2004

DNC Thursday: Mfume through Biden 

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Kweisi Mfume, President NAACP – The NAACP also requested that they be allowed to speak at the Republican National Convention, and like at the last RNC, they have not yet been invited to do so. He came out very strongly for all types of equality, particularly for freedom of choice. Made a vague jab at the Republicans for trying to hijack the Constitution. Spoke out against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing, and immigrant-bashing. Pointed out that bigots come in all colors. Fabulous speech.

The 42 Democratic Women of the U.S. House of Representatives – Hey, that’s a colorful assortment of outfits (except three on the left are in nearly identical blue), and a diverse group of women.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY) – The representative in peach standing behind Rep. Slaughter looks like she’s in pain. What an odd smile. The rep on the other side looks like she’s in shock. Kind of a bizarre statement about how women know how to balance a budget since we do it at home and we do it with our checkbooks. Is she trying to appeal to “middle America?” Do those voters actually still believe that women’s experience with budgets is solely from household budgets and personal checkbooks?

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) – Spoke eloquently about the lack of voting and other citizenship rights for the population of DC. Particularly stressed that no American should be subject to taxation without representation, or be serving the military in Iraq without having adequate representation in Congress.

Gov. Mark Warner (VA) – He may have defeated the odds by become a Democratic governor of Virginia, but he still couldn’t stop the state legislature from enacting the most extreme and discriminatory gay marriage ban in the country.

Ooo – Smackdown on the delegates. Take your seats or we can’t continue. Hey – they’re continuing anyway!

Rep. Edward Markey (MA) – He’s my Representative. He also needs a new hairstyle. This one reminds me of John Walton (Sr., not John-Boy). He’s also another one who apparently can’t address a crowd without shouting, regardless of the microphone technology.

John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO – This guy and his friends are so boring that the camera operator for some reason decided to show us some guy’s back in the stage wings.

America the Beautiful, Mavis Staples – My goodness, her voice is much deeper than I expected. The Girl is very excited, because she says Mavis Staples one of The Staple Singers, who she thinks are absolutely fabulous. Oh look! John Cusack and Ben Affleck! Hi John! Hi Ben! I prefer this song to the Star Spangled Banner, although I’ll admit that both can get to me when performed well, which this absolutely was. The crowd unanimously agrees.

Sen. Joseph Biden (DE) – Joe’s a smooth dresser. “ the death struggle between freedom and radical fundamentalism.” I hope he is including all forms of radical fundamentalism. It’s a bit harsh to call it a death struggle, though. We should try to win people over, not rub them out. He’s the ranking democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and he uses a phrase like “liberate us from the suffocating grip of the Middle East”? Is that particularly conducive to good relations with our middle eastern neighbors?

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