Tuesday, July 27, 2004

DNC Tuesday Early Evening Speakers 

Sen. Jon Corzine (NJ) – The little descriptor says “R-New Jersey, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman.”  Is he a republican?  Am I missing something?  No, his Senate page lists him as a democrat.  Huh.  Good get out the vote, electrify the electorate speech, but he seemed to get bogged down reading the teleprompter occasionally.  The crowd seemed to respond well to him, and I don’t think they were ALL from New Jersey. 

Missouri State Treasurer and Senate candidate Nancy Farmer – “It is such an honor to represent the show me state today.”  Pause.  Too long of a pause.  What’s up with that?  Hoping to be the first woman elected to the Senate from Missouri.  She brought up the mystery of the missing funding for No Child Left Behind.  Score! 

Uh-oh – Memorial montage.  Where are the tissues?  Yup – here come the tears.  And they haven’t gotten to Paul Wellstone yet.  There he is – oh shit – they’re using his voice, too.  Okay, I’m a mess now.

Sen. Tom Carper (DE) – It cost him $35 to fill up his minivan the other day.  “I am troubled by the notion that, my friends, some of my $35 is going to end up in the hands of people who will use that money to harm us and our people.”  Isn’t that a little overly broad and divisive?  Oh good – we can burn coal cleaner than natural gas.  Let’s go strip mine more of the countryside.  “North Dakota is the Saudi Arabia of wind.”  I can’t even begin to go into the images that’s creating.  Rather than ignore the potential of nuclear energy, we should work on a way to safely dispose of nuclear waste.  How about figuring out how not to create so much waste?  He said some stuff about soybeans and diesel fuel, too.  Maybe it was just his presentation, but I found him a little scary.

Rep. Adam Smith (WA) – Dude, brown’s not your color.  At least it shouldn’t be.   Especially when one of your topics is “real strength.”  Oh wait – he worked his way through college by loading trucks for UPS.  I guess he never lost the loyalty to the UPS color.  He moved along, though, and was engaging enough.  I think he only had about a minute, though. 

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL) –Kerry, Edwards.  “They are the team to defeat the right wing.  They are the right team for new rights, so we may fulfill our nation’s single proposition that all men and women are created equal.”  Wow.  What a great speaker.  I was totally focused on him – took my fingers away from the keyboard entirely until he finished.  I hope he continues to be a featured speaker at high profile events (hopefully in a better time slot next time). 

Deb Callahan, President, League of Conservation Voters – Blah, blah, blah.  I rewound and watched Rep. Jackson again.

David Passafaro, President, Boston 2004 Host Committee – Blah, blah, blah.

Mayor Doug Palmer, Trenton, NJ – Nice smile, sparkly eyes, spiffy suit.  He compares Washington’s crossing the Delaware to Kerry’s Vietnam War boat duty.  I’ve been to one of the annual recreations of the crossing held upriver from Trenton, at the aptly named Washington’s Crossing.  Just thought you’d want to know.  He sounds like a real law and order kind of mayor. 

James Hoffa, Teamsters President – Did you know that Teamsters make up 25% of the delegates?  Me either.  Turns out John Kerry joined Teamsters Local 25 in Somerville during the summer of 1962.  He closed with calls for God to bless just about everyone.  Guess he’s really got connections. 

Joe Manchin, Candidate for Governor, WV – blah, blah, blah.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (KS) – I love how the entire podium moves up and down to accommodate the varying heights of the speakers.  She never faced front.  Left teleprompter, right teleprompter, left teleprompter, right teleprompter.  It’s like she’s watching a really slow game of tennis.  Or beginning level Pong.  And her energy level matches.  Zzzzz.

Denise Stokes, AIDS educational consultant – Love her suit, love her pendant.  Living with HIV for 22 years.  Very engaging speaker, very important topic.  And she included transgendered people.

Time to get dinner ready.  I’ll Tivo the rest and then zip through it later.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:24 PM