Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DNC Wednesday Early Speakers 

First, a note I forgot to include with my impressions on the speakers I watched yesterday:

Ossie Davis - I love him! And he plays such a bastard on The L Word. Bette should have walked out on him and gone home with Tina. He's lost a bunch of weight lately. But his tie is fabulous. He introduced Peter, Paul and Mary with the same introduction he used when introducing them at the 1963 March on Washington on the day of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech.

Now, early speakers from today:

Gov. Stuwart Paisano (Sandia Pueblo, NM) - New Mexico has a governor for each of its 19 Pueblos, plus the governor of the state. Gov. Paisano seems intelligent and personable, but I get the impression that hetalksalotfasterthanusualwhenhe'snervous. Tribal sovereignty, health care, education, multiculturalism, diversity.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) - Look - it's Tammy Lynn Michaels!!! Okay, maybe it's just a distant relative. Again, intelligent and personable, but in this case I think she tends to slow her speech and overenunciate when in the spotlight. If not, they must hate it when she gets up to speak on the Senate floor. It could take forever. Sen. Landrieu wants you to know that Kerry and Edwards have southern values, despite what the divisive politicians might want you to think. Lots of people have handwritten signs supporting Sen. Landrieu. I guess the mass printed signs that get widely distributed are only for prime time speakers.

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (TN) - He was the keynote speaker in 2000. Work hard, realize your dreams. Unify the nation. He must have worked on his speech up to the last minute, because he keeps looking down to check his hard copy instead of working from the teleprompter. Lots of energy, but he kept the energy level and vocal tone at the same high level throughout, which kind of takes away from the effect.

State Senator Diane Wilkerson (MA) - Go Diane! She was one of the most vocal opponents of the gay marriage ban being amended into the state constitution. Today she touched on healthcare, education, freedom of choice, civil rights, labor rights, wise decisions on national security.

Now, in the interest of relationship management, I've negotiated with The Girl that I'll turn off the convention for the rest of today in exchange for having total uninterrupted viewing of tomorrow's broadcast, when all the speakers I'm really looking forward to will be on. Have a good evening!

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