Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Dolls For the Rest of Us 

When you were a child, was your favorite doll Jane West, because she had a denim outfit molded right onto her and came with all kinds of gear? Unlike Barbie and company, Jane's joints were functional, and she could hold onto her lasso, rifle, campfire coffee pot or lockbox. If you had any Barbie-type dolls, were they only useful as clumsy tagalongs that Jane would have to ride off and rescue, using any number of bold and daring maneuvers? Or was that just me?

Well, it seems that Jane has come out and moved to the big city. New Yorker Stephanie Perdomo has launched her line of Dyke Dolls. These are no lipstick lesbians, no bi-questioning Barbies - these chicks are hardcore. Their outfits include leather biker jackets, mechanic's shirts with cutoff sleeves, cowboy hats, chained wallets and tatoos. They also have more intimate accessories available, so be wary if you're purchasing this for your young daughter or niece in an effort to expand her repertoire of dolls.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:13 AM