Monday, July 26, 2004

Don't Just Think It - Say It 

I was chatting with The Guyfriend at lunch about the increased number of apparent tai chi practitioners at Copley this morning.  He came in a little later than I did, and the numbers had apparently swollen by the time he went through there.  As we were comparing notes, I was thinking that many of them seemed to be wearing matching yellow t-shirts, and how it reminded me of the various Falun Gong events that used to pop up but which have seemed to disappear more recently.  But I didn't say anything.

Now I have only my word to go on when I say I was right!  Apparently the exercises we witnessed were going on as more and more members were gathering for a demonstration in protest of their suppression by the Chinese government. 

NOTE - As I was typing this, I think another military helicopter flew by my office building.  It was very loud, made the windows rattle, and moved so fast that it was gone by the time I turned my head and then went to the window to look down the street.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:56 PM