Monday, July 26, 2004

Early Convention Speakers 

I feel bad for the speakers who get stuck scheduled for late afternoon/early evening.  No one's there to listen or respond!  I just caught the later part of Roberta Achtenberg's address, followed by John Marks' entrance. 

Achtenberg was presenting many parts of the platform that address diversity and rights issues, and she was saying all kinds of great things, and she got cheers and applause in all the right places.  She would pause to acknowledge the cheers and applause but it wasn't really necessary, since there weren't that many people there.  It wasn't like they were drowning out the rest of her speech.  It just made her look like she had lost her place on the teleprompter.  Then again, maybe she had...

Then Mayor Marks came out on the stage, pumping his fist in the air in time with the music, and doing all the right things for getting the crowd worked up (although he should have unbuttoned that one button on his jacket for said fist pumping, as it just made him look silly), but again - not much you can do with a little group as was present. 

Then the picture disappeared and I had to relocate to the upstairs tv.  By the time I got set up, they were playing Johnny Be Good and segueing to the short break until 6:30.  It was rather amusing to see that they displayed the words to the chorus of Johnny Be Good so the "crowd" could sing along.  Come on - how hard is it?  "Go go.  Go Johnny go, go.  Go Johnny, go, go."  They didn't even bother with "Johnny be good," as that's where they display the Kerry-Edwards logo. 

Hopefully all the delegates will be on hand for the rest of the evening's speakers.  I'm getting tired of watching the five people the cameras keep showing, especially the really boring ones who happen to be standing next to the more photogenic.  Of course my eye is drawn to the boring or freakishly odd delegates.  In the long run, they provide much better material.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:01 PM