Thursday, July 22, 2004

Jerry Goldsmith Dies at 75 

Jerry Goldsmith passed away from cancer last night at home in Beverly Hills. Movie and sci-fi geeks like me have Goldsmith's work embedded in our souls - he wrote and conducted the soundtracks for scores (pun intended) of movies and tv shows, as well as the Oscar fanfare played at the Academy Awards ceremonies. He was the music of Star Trek (current aberration known as the Enterprise theme song was not his doing), including his work on (in reverse order from IMDB) ST: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D, Nemesis, Insurrection, First Contact, Voyager, The Next Generation, The Final Frontier, and The Motion Picture.

He was also the music man for other favorites of mine, including Powder, First Knight, U.S. Marshals, Alien: Resurrection, L.A. Confidential, Bad Girls, Rudy, Forever Young, Sleeping With the Enemy, Alien Nation, Poltergeist, Alien, Logan's Run, Room 222, The Trouble With Angels, The Twilight Zone, Wanted: Dead or Alive, and many, many more.

He received 19 Academy Award nominations, and won for Best Original Score for The Omen. His main title theme song for Star Trek: Voyager garnered him one of his several Emmy Awards. His list of nominations and awards is long, and his enduring place in our hearts is guaranteed.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:27 AM