Friday, July 23, 2004

Jodie Foster - Flight Plan 

Romeo San Vicente reports in his latest Deep Inside Hollywood column that Jodie Foster (!) has her next starring role lined up, in Flight Plan. Foster plays a woman whose daughter disappears from an airline flight, and it seems that no one remembers seeing her on the plane in the first place. Sounds very much like Frantic, Breakdown, and even The Disappearance, the third season episode of Big Valley where Audra disappears while travelling with Victoria (don't you just love Barbara Stanwyck?).

According to IMDB, filming begins this September in L.A. , with Imagine Entertainment producing and Touchstone handling distribution next year.

I should add that during a section of Maggie Cassella's show in P-Town, she asked members of the audience who is on their cheating excemption list. These are the people, usually celebrities of some sort, with whom you would never have a chance in hell of actually having an affair, but if the opportunity should arise for whatever reason, you would be allowed to have that affair without it being considered cheating. Among the women, Jodie Foster was by far the winner.

Amazon links: Frantic, Breakdown, Jodie Foster.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:11 AM