Thursday, July 22, 2004

Margaret Cho - Banned In Boston 

Unity 2004, an event being held by 10 gay organizations during the DNC next week, has decided to cancel Margaret Cho as the headliner. The reason given was that Cho's representatives informed the organizers that some of the material would be "brutal," and there was a concern that the result would be divisive. At least one of the original event sponsors, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, has withdrawn as a result.

Did the people who originally scheduled have no idea who she was, or what her material is like? What were they thinking if they were afraid of harsh language or attacks on conservative and/or right-wing public figures? It's her thing, and she's great at it! She doesn't hold any punches, but her underlying message is about the importance of community and understanding.
UPDATE: Here is Margaret Cho's posting on the dis-invitation.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:20 PM