Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Queer As Folk - Full Circle (Season 1 Finale) 

The Girl and I started watching Queer as Folk this season, since we were left with a big, gaping, pathetic, morose blank spot in our schedule once The L Word season finished. We enjoyed QAF, much to our surprise, and so have been utilizing our summer viewing time to watch the previous seasons, rented from Netflix. We made it through season one last night with our viewing of Full Circle. Sniff. Sob.

The dance? Beautiful, amazing, magical, romantic. One of the best dance scenes ever.

The garage scene? Ugly, wrenching, heartbreaking. Seeing arrogant, self-centered Brian keening in disbelief struck me silent (which isn't easy).

Big romantic chase scene - yay! No, wait. David's a controlling asshole. Michael needs to hold on to that new found spine and encourage its growth. But I love a big romantic chase scene! Then the unheard (to the audience) phone call cuts it short at the last minute, relaying news of the above tragic garage scene.

The entire ending montage? The soundtrack behind it? Brian crying? I'm welling right now, just thinking about it.

Wow. Just... wow.

Amazon links: QAF Season 1, L Word Season 1

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:21 AM