Monday, July 26, 2004

TV Ambulance 

The mystery illness plaguing the big tv has continued and gotten worse on occasion. Yesterday we couldn't get the picture to stay on for more than a minute, and on some attempts it wouldn't come on at all. I did some online research, and found that it's not uncommon for Sony Trinitrons to have a problem with the power supply that produces these symptoms. Or it could be the picture tube. General concensus is: power supply - fix it; picture tube - get a new tv.

We left a message with a repair service that makes house calls, and they called The Girl back this morning. She tried to conference me in but I was away from the phone. Fortunately she did manage to conference in my voicemail, so I was able to playback the whole conversation. They charge $95 just for the housecall. Then any actual repair costs are on top of that, plus there could be more if they can't fix it on site and have to take it back to the shop.

Needless to say, I called another place. This one will pick it up and deliver it, for $30 each way. I described the tv and the problem, and he guessed it would likely be $150-$200 for the repair. This is less than the cost of replacing it, so they're sending out the tv ambulance tomorrow afternoon to bring it in.

The DNC once more has an impact, however. It could be a week or two before it's done, because many of their repair staff are taking this week off to avoid the predicted DNC woes. So I'll be hauling one of the other tv's back downstairs and putting it into the massive entertainment center. It's going to look very, very small, but it will do for a couple of weeks. Underworld just arrived from Netflix, and it would have been so much more fun on the big screen. Oh well, such is life.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:52 AM