Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Vacation Debriefing 

My sunburn is starting not to hurt as much. It's a bad idea to be lackadaisical about sunscreen application on the first beach day, as you end up with odd sunburn patches in spots where you missed.

Maggie Cassella is hysterical. Lawyer turned comedian. Catch her at Vixen in Provincetown.

Speaking of Vixen, why is it that a large percentage of the people dancing or playing pool at this women's bar and dance club in Provincetown is composed of straight couples? There are lots of other nightspots in P-Town with dance floors and pool tables, not to mention the entire rest of the Cape and Massachusetts as a whole. Why is it that we go there to hang out with other women and for a couple of hours not to deal with straight men - many of whom are perfectly nice, but many of whom do take up a lot of space physically and verbally, and some of whom don't hesitate to express their not-so-forward-thinking opinions to any and all in earshot - and end up playing pool with one of these loud and rather obnoxious individuals? The Girl had won the previous game, and his quarters were the next in line. Yes, yes, I know. Free country and all that. Hey - I'm not saying that straight men should be barred from patronizing women's bars. The game was played, hands were shaken - but the experience wasn't the pleasant one we expected. He at least could have left his boorish attitude at the door.

Ditto at the beach.

Fast-forward to my trek to work this morning. How can a person stand in line at Starbuck's for approximately 7 minutes, staring at the menu board, finally have their turn to order, and not yet know what beverage they want???? "Um.....I'll have.......a.....hmmmm.......graaaaaaaandeeeeeee......mmmmmmmm..........frappucino. What? Whipped cream? Oh.......ummmmmmmmm.........okay."

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:09 AM