Saturday, August 21, 2004

Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. 8/20/04 

This week's edition of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. over at has some great little tid-bits. Check it out to read about Olympic cyclist Judith Arndt, the latest Sarah Waters' book to head for the BBC, L Word insider info, Survivor, wedding announcement trends, lesbians on soap operas and my favorite, a link to a great NY Times article on Alexandra Hedison and Ellen Degeneres. It's sort of "An evening with..." sort of piece.

Early this summer I was catching up on episodes of 7 Days that had been running on Spike TV, when I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guest star of one episode was none other than Alexandra Hedison. The episode was "Daddy's Girl," and she was playing an Air Force pilot who doesn't know she is the illegitimate daughter of the Vice-President, and who has been captured in Bosnia (it's from 1999). She was good.

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