Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Bookstore: Trip One 

Here we are, with a little over a week before the start of classes, and the syllabi for my classes aren't yet available. Nothing on the web, nothing at the faculty office. But I went to the bookstore (second trip - first one was unproductive) anyway, hoping that perhaps they would at least have the booklists for the classes. They did have a packet of the required and recommended booklists, and three of my four classes were in the packet. Nothing yet for constitutional law - I'm not sure what's up with that.

So, I got the books for the remaining three classes: (except for the ALWD manual – it’s the same one as last year - 2nd edition). Total expenditure: $295. It was only while I was signing the credit card slip that I remembered that I had walked to the bus this morning, so would be facing about a one mile walk home from the bus stop, lugging all these tomes! Oh well, I made it, although I’m considering applying an ice pack to my hands…

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:00 PM