Monday, August 02, 2004

Bourne Supremacy 

The Girl and I had a bit of a movie binge this weekend, starting off with The Bourne Supremacy. We both enjoyed it, but I found that the camera style tipped me in the direction of motion sickness. A lot of it had a handheld style, with shaking of the camera, shifting focus level, etc. This was especially true in the (many) chase scenes of various types, and it left me a bit queezy.

You may recall that at the end of Bourne Identity, a warning was given that the Agency should leave him alone or else. Guess what - or else. Or is it something else? Once again, Jason finds himself the target of a CIA search, and he must call on the training from his past life. He doesn't recall most of the details of that life, but the training is ingrained.

I think I would have gotten more out of this if I had seen The Bourne Identity more recently. I haven't seen it since it was in theaters. Glad to see Julia Stiles return as Nicky, but her reprise role was rather limited. I'm wondering if there was more to it before editing. Brian Cox returns, and Chris Cooper sort of return (in photos of his dead character). New to this Bourne is Joan Allen as Pamela Landy, a high level CIA agent whose foiled operation leads her seek out the answers to the mystery of Jason Bourne. Joan Allen is one of these actors who plays each role so fully that she disappears in each one. I don't look at her characters as "Joan Allen as ____" but as the character. I loved her in The Contender.

Lots of action, a few twists, a couple shocks. One chase scene goes on entirely too long, reminding me of the gratuitous freeway chase scene in Matrix Reloaded. In a contrast to Matrix, most of the action sequences in Bourne Supremacy appear realistic, not enhanced. Combined with the camera style, it creates a very intense result when compared with the "way cool" CGI fight scenes to which we've all become accustomed.

I'd recommend this one, but you might want to rent The Bourne Identity first, to refresh yourself on the details.

Reality Check: The Girl enjoyed it, but also found it a bit confusing because of the extent to which the sequel depends on the details of the original for its story. You can follow it without having seen the first, but like Jason's memory, it will be a bit muddled.

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