Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bryn Mawr - Stone Cold Sober 

I see from Mirandala that Princeton Review has seen fit to rate Bryn Mawr College as #11 for Stone Cold Sober colleges. The staff of Mirandala question this result.

I must admit, it's quite a change from the description given to BMC when I was there. In the Insider's Guide To College at the time, in the Drinking Games section, the statement was that "at Bryn Mawr they don't play games. They drink to get drunk." And it was pretty accurate. Although in my freshman year the administration did take the action of banning grain alcohol from campus after some rather unfortunate and painful Hell Week incidents. Yeah, that was us - sorry. But we were also the inventors of the May Hole! I'm a bit saddened to see that this protest event has been incorporated into the officially listed events. Kind of takes away from the rebellious attitude behind it. Do they at least still play The Eurythmics' tune Sisters are Doing It for Themselves?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:25 PM