Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Bush Promises Dignity and Honor, This Time 

On my way home home from work today I was listening to NPR, and there was a piece on Kerry and Bush both having been campaigning in Davenport, Iowa this afternoon. They played some excerpts from each event, and President Bush's closing struck me as so odd that I had to go right to my computer and look it up when I got home. Well, first I had to rewire and rearrange my network a bit, replacing the short cable I had been using with the nice long 25-foot cable The Guyfriend gave me. Now the cable is running discreetly along the baseboards and behind bookcases, rather than being strung across the middle of the room because it won't reach otherwise.

But then I logged on and tracked down the text of the speech on the White House website. Here is his closing, as posted by staff:
You know, four years ago I traveled your great state asking for the vote, and I made a pledge that if you honored me with this great responsibility I would uphold the dignity and the honor of the office to which I had been elected, so help me, God. (Applause.) And with your help, I will do so during the next four years. May God bless you. Thanks for coming. Thank you all. (Applause.)
So is he admitting that he hasn't been upholding the dignity and honor of the office during this term? That he'll get around to it next term, should he have another term? Was it because Iowa didn't come through for him last time, so he didn't feel obligated to the promise? If he gets elected again, but not in Iowa, will he be off the hook again?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:31 PM