Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Embrace Your Inner Geek 

Calling all geeks!!! You can now shop for any number of geek-related items, such as magnets, shirts, mugs, thongs (!), doggie shirts, and lots, lots more at one of the CafePress stores that are now linked to this site. Each store features products with the individual store title. For example, "Such A Geek." has items with the phrase "Such A Geek." printed on them. It's not quantum physics. Although that wouldn't be a problem for us either, would it? Check back often, as the product lines will adapt. Resistance is futile.

Embrace your inner geek, whatever the flavor.

Stores Available:

-Such A Geek.
-Film Geek.
-Selby Wall? Doesn't Exist.
-Legal Geek.
-Lesbian Geek.
-Techno Geek.
-Political Geek.
-TV Geek.
-Movie Geek.
-Gay Geek.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:05 PM