Tuesday, August 31, 2004

No Time for RNC - Mixed Emotions 

I'm quite swamped this week, with many obligations at both work and school, so I find that I'm not able to watch any of the Republican National Convention. I really wish I could devote as much time as I did to the DNC earlier this summer, but then again perhaps it's all for the best. I feel it's important to know what is being said on all sides of the issues, but watching many hours of this stuff for several days in a row might cause my head to explode. Or send me off on so many spontaneous and nonending responses (aka rants of outrage) that The Girl might sever the Comcast cable.

So I've reached a compromise with myself. I've had NPR on all day while I'm working, so I can at least hear discussion about the previous night's events, and hear interviews with various people involved. This way I can at least have an idea of what's going on. I managed to sit through interviews with both Rick Santorum and Phyllis Schlaffly today. Oy. But no viewing of Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday's televised coverage. In exchange, I'm Tivoing about 5 hours of CSPAN coverage Thursday night while I'm in class, then I'll watch all of that last night's events over the weekend. The Girl will be off on a weekend golf trip, so I won't have to worry about driving her crazy with all the play, pause, rewind, play again, blog in disbelief, continue.

Now, back to work for me...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:47 PM