Thursday, August 19, 2004

RNC Theme: Safer World, More Hopeful America 

Every good party needs a theme, and the Republicans have now announced the theme for their upcoming national convention. "Fulfilling America's Promise: Building a Safer World and a More Hopeful America." Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, now does it? It's actually a more verbose, paranoid version of the Democrats recent theme: "Stronger At Home, Respected in the World." While the DNC theme projects images of a reinvigorated and confident nation, the RNC theme brings to mind a nation cowering in the corner, despondent and fearful. They couldn't even propose simply a "Hopeful America," but instead are aiming for a "More Hopeful America." Don't want to get the people's hopes too high, after all.

In addition, each day will have a sub-theme, similar to the DNC.

On Monday, August 30, we will pay tribute to the courage of a nation that has seen unprecedented challenges over the last three and a half years and the president who led the nation through these historic times.

Translation: We've been through the wringer during this presidential term, and George W. Bush is the one who led us into it.

On Tuesday, August 31, the Republican National Convention will focus on the compassion of the American people and the uniquely American belief that our best days lie ahead.

Translation: President Bush hasn't really followed through on that compassionate conservative business that helped get him elected. But the American people at large really can be compassionate, so let's focus on them instead. And let's hope that the days ahead are at least better than the ones we're going through right now.

On Wednesday, September 1, Sen. Zell Miller (D-GA), will deliver the convention's keynote address. Sen. Miller will speak about the land of opportunity created by President Bush's pro-growth, pro-American worker, pro-American entrepreneur agenda....Vice President Cheney will be the featured speaker on Wednesday. He will speak to the administration's record of creating opportunity for all Americans and the president's vision for spreading freedom around the world to ensure our safety at home.

Translation: This land is your land, this land is my land. Nothing like a sing-a-long to bring folks together. Just look at Senator Zell Miller, coming on over from the Democratic party to keynote the RNC! As far as the vision thing? "This land was your land, but now it's my land. I'm taking over so you'll have to like me. If we hold your pursestrings, then you won't bo-omb me. Your land will now belong to me." Come on - sing along!

On Thursday, September 2, President George W. Bush will lay out his vision for the next four years - a vision that will help build a safer world and a more hopeful America. President Bush will build on his record of accomplishment with new and innovative ideas to spread opportunity and prosperity to all corners of our country. Drawing inspiration from the courage and compassion of all Americans, the president will talk about his plan for building a safer world by spreading freedom around the globe.

Translation: Replay of the first three days. Americans are courageous, Americans are compassionate, and George W. Bush hopes that everyone thinks he is too and will support him in his quest for world domination.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:35 PM