Monday, August 16, 2004

Shameless Tivo Promotion 

I love my Tivo. I've mentioned this numerous times on this website, and I'm fairly well known for proselytizing in person on the subject. All my classmates who sit in my immediate vicinity are well aware of my Tivo fanaticism. An example in writing can be found (located quickly through the new Google search bar I've added!) here. Between that and Netflix, I've recruited many onto the pop culture side of technology with me. Just this weekend I was encouraging a classmate of mine and her husband (they graciously had us over for dinner, which was delish) to get a Tivo. She was telling a story of how this outrageous commercial came on the tv, and she called her husband to come quick and watch it, so I pointed out that if they had a Tivo, she could have simply paused it until he got into the room, then rewound it and played it as many times as she liked without missing a minute of the show. The Girl added her thoughts that the way I rave about Tivo, I should get some sort of reward from the company. Well, today I discover that Tivo is making such reward possible!!! For each person I refer to Tivo and who activates Tivo service, I get Tivo points if that person enters my e-mail address as the referrer during step 2 of activation.

So here's the pitch: if you're getting a Tivo, or if you're perhaps now thinking about it because of my high praise of the service, I humbly request that you enter my e-mail address ( ) during stage 2 of activation as the person who pushed it on you - I mean who recommended it. With the rebate they're offering now, you can get one for $99. Take it from me (and everyone who has been within earshot of me for the last couple of years) - it's worth every friggin' penny.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:33 PM