Monday, August 09, 2004

Sisterly Bonding 

My road trip companion sister assured me that she wasn't listening to country so much anymore, and then proceeded to insist we listen to Gretchen Wilson singing Redneck Woman, then the rest of the CD. But she did surprise me by having just picked up Melissa Etheridge's Lucky CD, so we listened to that once on the way to PA and once on the way back. I was pleased that Barry Manilow never made it out of his jewel case.

Sister activities: touring the Howell Living History Farm and watching the harvesting of the honey racks from the bee colonies, lunch (tomato and mozzarella on english muffin with vidalia onion dressing for me), blackberry picking, jewelry making (I made a quite cool, slightly goth linked chain anklet, with the links forming interlocking cages), cooking (blackberry cobbler preceded by orzo with fresh basil, avocado, tomato from the garden, onions and peppers, and shopping/people watching/day 2 lunch in New Hope. Lots of discussions of current events and tv shows. And chocolate from Pierre's (sorry, their website is under construction).

Shopping in New Hope included a stop at Against the Grain, a shop which has all sorts of stuff of interest to geeks like me, including fabulous replicas of many of the Lord of the Rings swords and other items, plus lots of other types of swords, armor and stuff. Of course, having now been indoctrinated into the art of chain linking, we looked at the various chain mail items from an insider's point of view...

The jewelry making teaching sister said she felt like a vampire siring others into the darkness. I replied that this was fine, as long as she didn't start talking like Drusilla. She assured me that she likely couldn't even if she wanted to.

Then back on the road late Sunday afternoon, and I walked through the home door at 10:30 last night.

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