Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Rounding out our weekend movie spree, The Girl and I watched Underworld on DVD on Sunday. It would have been more fun on the huge tv, but it's still in the hospital. The problem was indeed with the high voltage power supply, as had been indicated in my online research. It should be back home in a week or so, at a repair cost of around $200. Sigh.

Kate Beckinsale seemed to enjoy her role as a warrior vampire, whose entire existence is focused on destroying the vampires' long-standing enemies, the werewolves. Michael Sheen is the head werewolf baddie, and Scott Speedman is the human caught in the middle of the war. Bill Nighy is in there, too, but it will probably take you a while to recognize him. He was great as the aging rocker staging a comeback with a Christmas gimmick song in Love Actually.

This movie's a geek's dream: vampires, werewolves, high-tech gadgets and medical research, a well-developed mythos for the story, dealing and double-dealing, and lots of eye candy in tight leather outfits. Surprisingly, The Girl also enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as I did. I had actually expected her to fall asleep or start reading a book while I watched the DVD. At any rate, she sat through the whole thing, and even asked questions about the backstory.

This brought me to a realization about how much easier it is for well-rounded geeks like me to pick up and sort out the various backstories, rules of the fantasy universe, and the place of the characters in the hierarchy. I've already gotten a foundation of how these things work, and even though each movie/show/book has its own way of how things work, I can easily navigate and translate the systems.

If you liked Van Helsing, you'll probably like this one as well. I enjoyed them both.

Reality Check: The Girl thought it was "okay," but she has agreed to see the sequel with me at the theater, if only because of Kate Beckinsale. "She's very cute in her little leather outfit."

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