Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Work Project - Check 

Well, I just e-mailed copies of the various documents I produced for this work project I have due this week. Phew. Now let's see if tomorrow between work and class I can get caught up on the school reading I didn't do today. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Plus I'm going to see my niece's college field hockey team play in the Boston area on Saturday. She's one of the team captains this year. Yes, we take our field hockey seriously here in the Northeast. I played from 7th grade through college, and my mother played on her high school team in the late 1930's. And yes, I do still have several of my sticks and hockey balls. I may have to dig out one of my old team jackets to wear. Although the college one is an unfortunately bright, highlighter-like yellow. They were supposed to be gold, but shortly after they arrived we had been dubbed the Flying Lemons. Oh well, such is life.

At least that work is done so I now have time once again to ponder these large questions.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:43 PM