Friday, September 17, 2004

ACS, Federalist Link Changes 

Sadly, I've had to remove the New England School of Law Federalist Society Blog from my link list. They've gone and removed it from the blogosphere. I chatted with the chapter president, and he felt it was just too much work. Too bad - I think blogs are a great way to create a presence for your group and to generate buzz.

In order to maintain a Federalist Society link of some sort (good to know what all sides are saying), I've added Ex Parte, the blog of Harvard's Federalist Society. Unlike the national ACS site, The national Federalist Society site doesn't appear to have a blog, so I opted for local.

Meanwhile, the American Constitution Society at NESL is getting off to a good start. We've had a lot of people express interest in getting involved, have gotten our probationary status as a student group, and have started our own blog. Hopefully we'll be able to elect an official executive board sometime next week, and can really get rolling.

The ACS members blog (not the official ACS blog) has an interesting post on Self-Destruction of the Federalist Concept, which articulates some of what was said during the multilateral debate that spontaneously developed at the student organization fair yesterday. Judging by the enthusiasm demonstrated in the discussion at the fair, I'd say this is a topic which generates a lot of passion. Cool.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:55 AM