Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ann Wagner Works Words 

Missouri Republican Party Chair and Republican National Committee Co-Chair Ann Wagner knows how to use words. Apparently Thursday she addressed the crowd in St. Joseph, MO who were waiting for a speech from Vice-President Dick Cheney, and brought up the CBS-Rather documents in a way that raised concerns of improper allegations, which she denied on Friday:

"Only the most desperate of campaigns would stoop to forging documents," she told a roaring crowd.

But Wagner said Friday she did not believe there is evidence suggesting the campaign forged anything: "We don't know who it is who seemed to put forward those forged documents. My rhetoric is just to fire up the crowd, and Dan Rather and CBS News gets them going."

She didn't actual SAY that the Kerry campaign forged documents, just that only a desperate campaign would do such a thing, while at the same time mentioning both the Kerry campaign and a particular set of questionable documents. It's all how you phrase it. Wagner demonstrated her flair for phraseology back a the Republican National Convention, when she was discussing the thousands of protesters who showed up:

The level of denial was deep among Republicans. Thousands of protesters marched during the convention. They weren't angry about President George W. Bush's policies, they were simply political plants. At least, that's how the chairwoman of the Missouri Republican Party, Ann Wagner, defined them.

"We're not calling them protesters. Those demonstrators are Kerry supporters," Wagner told a Post-Dispatch reporter.

Back to the Bush administration false dichotomy. If you're not with us, you're against us. If you're against us, you're for them. You're either for the war in Iraq or a supporter of ruthless dictators. You're either for unilateral preemptive action or you're against the members of the armed services.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:59 PM