Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Big Chase Scene 

I've mentioned in several of my movie write-ups that a good romantic comedy needs a Big Chase Scene. Sometimes they try but it doesn't work due to timing or some missing element, but when it works it makes the movie. What are some of these elements?

  • Sudden realization followed by impulsive action.
  • Background music that feeds the excitement and will later bring the scene back to you.
  • Long distances and/or unexpected obstacles.
  • Large crowds. Participation of the crowd or assistance of friends can help as well.
  • A possibility that the quest might not succeed.
  • Shock and surprise when the pursued spots the pursuer.
  • Bold declaration of true feelings.
  • That moment when you still don't know what will happen next.
  • Joyous declaration of the same true feelings.
  • Wrap it up, happy ending, roll credits.

Not every good Big Chase Scene needs each one of these elements, but if you've got a good number of them, you're good to go. Sometimes they really don't have a happy ending (missing that joyous return declaration), but as long as there is a tinge of remorse at what could have been it can work out as a memorable bittersweet ending.

So what are examples of movies with well-executed Big Chase Scenes?

And my idea of the ultimate Big Chase Scene: Notting Hill. I get weepy just hearing Elvis Costello singing She.

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Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:26 PM