Monday, September 20, 2004

Film Festival For the Right Wing 

Are you feeling left out because you love movies, but feel Hollywood is run by the ultra-liberal left, and Hollywood in turn is taking over the culture of America? Do you have photos of Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand taped to your dart board? Well, despair no more - the American Film Renaissance is coming soon to Dallas, Texas, and they are "Doing Film the Right Way."

Yes, it's a film fest for the conservative right wing. In case you're concerned that they're not really conservative or right enough for you, take heart in that one of their major sponsors is WorldNetDaily, that chronicler of all things wrong with everyone but you! One of today's featured stories on WND? "Did N.Y. Times engineer same-sex marriage?"

One of the festival's ad lines? "Join us for the first and only pro-American film festival in the country." From their "About the AFR" page:
For the good or bad, in today's America, the film industry profoundly influences the pace and direction of American cultural life. Our movie screens have now become the primary front in the cultural war waged between the traditional and the modern, the spiritual and the secular.

For far too long, the film industry has used its influence to create movies advancing a world view that derides patriotism, faith, and traditional American values. But for filmmakers and movie-goers alike, the AFR offers an opportunity to consider film works encompassing a view of America that represents pride, humility, and appreciation for our great nation.

For a list of the amazing films you can view from September 10 - September 12, check here. The VIP Festival Pass is only $40 per person.
Stepping out of character and back into my own persona now. Ugh. The top-listed film is "Against Nature," a "provocative documentary" about how environmentals are destroying the world. There's also a documentary about the profound world-wide impact of "The Passion of the Christ." And as an added bonus - an entire film about Ann Coulter! My head might explode.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:26 PM