Friday, September 03, 2004

Flame Away 

According to Sitemeter, I've now passed 11,000 hits on this blog since I installed the counter in January. And now I've finally arrived - I received my first real flame post! There was a borderline one several months ago in the form of a disparaging comment about societal perceptions of beauty in women over age 30, but that one didn't reach the level of a true flame.

This new one is attached to an older post, in which I responded to some of Zel Miller's statements regarding the U.N. After Sen. Miller spoke at the RNC this week, a number of people have arrived at this site by searching for information on him, which in turn led them to that older post.

It's nearly the perfect flame: full of inflammatory rhetoric with no supporting substance, containing errors of both grammar and spelling, utilizing the key phrase "people like you" (this can also come in the form of "you people"), and a suggestion that I leave the country and not "let the door hit [me] in the ass on the way out.." The only component missing was a more pointed personal attack, such as calling me a disparaging name or insulting some perceived or imposed personal characteristic of mine. He came close, with what I think was his attempt at commie baiting. There was a mention of "comunist or socilist governments making decisions about our sovernty," and then speculation that "that is probaly what you are or want to be." A good effort, but I just don't think it was made with enough clarity or pointedness to rate as a good personal attack.

But however I may disagree with the substance or presentation, this site welcomes expression of all views. Debate is necessary to growth and a full development of ideas and encourages all involved to do the research and sharpen the arguments. Whether the flamer in question chooses to take part in the process beyond a hit-and-run is up to him, but I know I've come away from the transaction with renewed motivation.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:49 AM