Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good Writing Makes a Difference 

I know we all like to bitch and moan about our papers in Legal Research & Writing, but at the same time we also all (hopefully) know how important they are to our own professional development. For anyone who still hasn't grasped this idea, check out Uncivil Litigator's post about his opponent's first brief in the insurance coverage case he's handling. In anticipating his own task of now writing a response to this less than stellar effort, UCL has this to say:
In writing it I'll feel a bit like a boxer standing over a cowering, whimpering, bloodied opponent who's just waiting to be KO'd, which you'd think would be kind of fun... but it's really not. I'd rather swing at someone who can swing back and give me and the court a run for our money.
So the next time you're sweating over your assignment, just decide: do you want to be the one who fights the good fight, or the one who rolls over so the other side of your ribcage can be more easily kicked?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:13 AM